Notes on the main Winton's Children page:

10/-, 15/- etc. 10 shillings, 15 shillings, etc. There were 20 shillings to the pound.
12/6d, etc 12 shillings & 6 pence. There were 12 pence in one shilling.
Beds. Bedfordshire
Berks. Berkshire
B'ham Birmingham
Bucks. Buckinghamshire
Cambs. Cambridgeshire
Ches. Cheshire
c/o '[In the] care of '
Coll. College
Cttee. Committee
C.T Reg. (or Regstr) ??
Dates are in the European format:- 'Day, Month, Year'.
ditto repeat of what was above/before
Esq. 'Esquire' - former polite way of addressing a gentleman.
Glos. Gloucestershire
guar. 'guarantee' or 'guarantor'
Hants. Hampshire
Herts. Hertfordshire
Lancs. Lancashire
Leics. Leicestershire
Lincs. Lincolnshire
M/C Manchester
Middx. Middlesex
Movement Movement For The Care of Children From Germany
Notts. Nottinghamshire
nr. Near
Rev. Reverend
Salop. short for 'Shropshire'
Sic Latin for 'thus', i.e., exactly as shown.
Staffs. Staffordshire
W.1, N.4, S.W.18, etc. Districts of London - N = North, S = South, W = West, E = East.
Wilts. Wiltshire
Worcs. Worcestershire
Y.M.C.A. Young Men's Christian Association.
Yorks. Yorkshire

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