Extracts from the Winton Scrapbook

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The front page of the scrapbook.

Click here for two letters/reports that Nicky wrote on 11 & 12 January 1939 whilst in Prague, one about an episode as a result of not knowing the language, the other describing the emotions of one of the first transports - for the Barbican Mission, and by plane rather than train. This is undoubtably the event at which the newsreel pictures were taken of Nicky holding Hansi Neumann.

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An ID for one of the children (with whom contact has been made).

Examples of the selections sent out to prospective foster families.
This group includes the names:

Click for full-size1. Hackel, Hugo: 12.5.32.
2. Hackel, Rudolf: 15.8.27.
3. Placed [no name]
4. Hermann, Rudolf: 23.1.27.
5. Placed [no name]
6. Slonek, Bohuslav: 9.4.28.
7. Seidel, Rudolf: 6.5.33.
8. Seidel, Egon: 2.7.31

This group includes:

Click for full-size1. Steklmacher, Ruth: 1.4.26.
2. Trommer, Peter: 12.12.1933.
    [struck through]
3. Placed [no name]
4. Weigert, Benno: 20.5.1929.
5. Simon, Ilja: 8.4.1937.

This group includes:

Click for full-size1. Placed [no name]
2. Cierer, Kaethe: 29.5.27.
3. Cierer, Kurt: 21.11.25.
4. Fazekas, Hugo E.: 9.2.24.
5. Furman, Kurt: 16.8.24.
6. Placed [no name]
7. Boehm, Hans: 1.3.27.
8. Guttmann, Ruzena: 9.10.29.
    [Nos. 2, 3 & 7 struck through]

None of these children appear on the main list.

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Another ID - this time for Feige, Gerd Artur: b. 19.3.1928, in Dresden, son of Carl & Gertrude Feige, address in Ostsudetenland.
Gerd is also on the main list.

Click here for a letter dated 29 January 1939, with reference to Nicky's usefulness, and including the names (and addresses) of:

  • Jakob Reiss (father with two children applying to leave)
  • Thomas Bergman (almost the same name appears on the main list)
  • Holger Heller

A letter
(in German) to Nicky from the grateful parents of a child [who is now in contact].

Another letter
(also in German) from another thankful father of a child now in contact.

A letter from Dr. F. W Stein (in English this time - addressed to Mrs Winton - Nicky's mother) referring to his 'two boys' arriving in England in July 1939. These are almost certainly Franz Oswald Stein and Johan Wolfgang Stein, who appear on the main list.

A letter
(in German) from the parent of Eva Pfeifer (b. 31. 4.30). From the main list, Eva is believed to have left for Ecuador in 1940.
Part of another letter (in German), including the names of Olga Popper (b. 9.2.29), Ruth Klingenberger (b. 1.1.30), Sonja Orustein (Ormstein ?), B..(?)..sks (Bedriske?) Lavecks (?), Hans & Tubende (Gertrude?) Mettele (?) [none of the last four are on the main list], A thank-you letter from one of the children herself (Helena/Helene Bondyova/Bondyovà), written in Czech, English and German!
A thank-you letter (in German) from a number of children guaranteed by the Woodcraft Folk, including Anneliese Adler (b. 13.8.28), Suse (Susi?) Ehrmann (b. 11.4.28), Gunther (b. 14.4.32) & Erich (b. 23.6.27) Roth , Hella Wiener (b. 26.11.25) & Lia Wiener (b. 19.12.27).

Sketch - click for the letter


Sketch in a letter (in German) from one of the children.

Letter (in German) from Lisalotte Simon-Straus in Prague regarding her son, Ilja. From Prague, dated 15 Aug 1939. Letter (in German) from Petr Gottlieb (b. 15.2.23), father J. Gottlieb (b. 14.7.1890), mother A. Gottlieb (b. 6.2.1901). From Prague, dated 2 Aug 1939.
Thank-you letter (in quite good English) from Martha Frank, mother of Tomas (Tomy) Frank (b. 31.7.26), who is on the main list. The letter is dated 15 Aug 1939, from Prague. Letter (in German) from the British Committee for Refugee Children in Prague, dated 2 September 1939, the day after war broke out.

On 31 July 1939, Nicky wrote a report on the urgency of the situation in Czechoslovakia. It includes reference to 'Three Hackel children' (originally from Vienna), 'Four Claus children' (originally from Berlin) and 'Three Rikk children'.

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A report was produced in October 1939 with summary statistics on finances, numbers of children on the various transports, age distribution, etc. It is in 3 parts:

Report A    Report B    Report C

A letter (in German) signed by Lilli Schlesinger A letter (in German) from Bolougne-sur-Mer, signed by about 16 names, difficult to decipher.



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